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Project START is an HIV/STI/hepatitis risk reduction program for people returning to the community after incarceration. The program provides six sessions with each client and works with them one-on-one to serve as a "bridge" to their return to the community.  The program begins 1-2 months before clients are released and continues with clients for 3 months in the community after release.
Training of Facilitators
The Training of Facilitators is an intensive skills-based training program designed to train supervisors and program staff. Participants in the training walk away with a comprehensive knowledge of the program, the key steps toward implementing it in their own agencies, and the critical skills necessary to facilitate the program with clients. 

Included in training package:

star Pre-Training Consults - 2 consultations (up to 2 hours each) to customize the training for local needs 

star Skills-Based Training – 4 days of training for up to 25 participants
star Post-Training Consults – 2 consultations (up to 4 hours each) to answer post-training questions and/or help agencies plan next steps toward implementation
star Project START Program Package – 1 hard copy including: Implementation Manual, sample program tools including client forms, evaluation and quality assurance tools, and Starter Kit for administrators 
star Participant Training Packets – 1 packet for each training participant including: training handouts, slide packet, and CD-ROM of the Implementation Manual 
Training of Facilitators
Technical assistance packages are customized to address the needs of each client and are based on the real world experience of the consultants.  Services available include:
star Organizational Readiness Assessments - to help agencies determine their level of readiness for implementation in each of the following areas: correctional support, HIV/STI/hepatitis education and risk reduction, internal agency policies and practices and, larger community support 

star Customized Work Plan Development - to help agencies develop a specific work plan for their needs that includes step-by-step actions and specified timeline 

star Evaluation Planning and Design - to support agencies to develop a comprehensive training plan, customize process and outcome evaluation tools, and successfully navigate the IRB process 

star Support for Funders – to support funders looking to incorporate the program into their portfolios by providing support in the development of RFPs/RFAs, screening of funding applicants, and preparation and facilitation of grantees' meetings 

star Ongoing Post-Training Support - to help agencies with specific implementation issues including staffing, tool and form modification, adaptation for particular client populations, budget development and management, and recruitment and retention of clients 

star Specialized Assistance for Working with Corrections - to address the unique challenges involved in working with and within a correctional setting by developing partnership agreements, providing specialized training, and facilitating mediation and innovative problem solving 
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