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Inside Out: Real Stories of Women, Men and Life After Incarceration
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Our Services
arrow Capacity Building Assistance & Technical Assistance
arrow Evaluation & Research
arrow Fund & Program Development
arrow Training, Education & Dissemination

Strategic and Organizational Development  
"Getting to Evidenced Based Interventions with Fidelity"

Services include:
bullet Consultation on Effective Recruitment and Retention Strategies
bullet Breaking Into Prison: Helping Community Agencies Learn How To Build Effective Collaborations with Correctional Facilities
bullet Technical Assistance for Program Development and Sustainability
bullet Adaptation of Evidence-Based Program Models for the Correctional Setting

Evaluation & Research
"Asking the right questions, showing it works"

Services include:
bullet Context-Driven Process or Outcome Evaluation for Criminal Justice Based Programs
bullet Assessment and Strengthening of Community Agency Evaluation and Research Capacity
bullet Research Protocol and Survey Tool Development
bullet Analysis and Application of Results

Fund & Program Development
"Putting plans into action"

Services include:
bullet In-Depth Fund Development Consultations
bullet Grant Proposal Development and Technical Assistance
bullet Program Development and Implementation Planning

Training, Education and Dissemination 
"Telling a story that needs to be heard"

Services include:
bullet Skills Building Workshops
bullet Intensive Program Implementation Courses
bullet Curricula and Manual Development
bullet Presentations at Conferences and Community Meeting
bullet Facilitated Panels and Roundtables

Example topics include (partial list):
bullet How Can We Do That: Capacity Building for Community Agencies Looking to Work in Correctional Settings
bullet How Can We Do That: Capacity Building for Criminal Justice Agencies Looking to Work with Community Service Organizations
bullet Effective Grant Writing and Fund Development for Corrections-Based Services and Reentry Programs
bullet Developing Reentry and Transitional Services for Incarcerated Populations
bullet Getting IRB Approval When Working with People Impacted by Incarceration
bullet Effective Behavioral HIV/Hepatitis/STI Interventions in the Correctional Setting
bullet Culture Clash, Corrections and Public Health: How to Make it Work

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